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logo Hoi An Mountanbike Trails

Heaven & Earth Tours
57 Ngo Quyen
Hoi An - Vietnam

Tel. +84 (0510) 3 864 362

Mob.+84 (0)126 8 422 260



My Grandma's Home Cooking

Authentic cooking class in Hoi An

My Grandma's Home Cooking shcool offer you more than simply a cooking class. You will embark on a unforgettable voyage into the heart of the Hoi An countryside and be welcomed into my family’s home where you will learn to prepare the Vietnamese cuisine of this region as it has been traditionally prepared and continues to be prepared by my grandmother today.

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Heaven & Earth Bicycle Tours

Pascal, French expat, and his wife, Thu, a native of Hoi An, invite you to come discover Hoi An and its surroundings, close-up, on a cycle tour. They will guide you to destinations that are not accessible to large tour groups. Together,you will explore little known places that maintain their charm and authenticity.

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